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Port Opportunities with Energy, Resilience and Sustainability Program

The federal government will be making billions of dollars of investments into green infrastructure in the coming years. From electric vehicles to offshore wind to hydrogen fuel cells, the time for ports to make investments in the next generation of infrastructure is now. AAPA has launched the POWERS Program to maximize these critical funds and steer sustainability investments of tomorrow.

The POWERS program advocates for:

Alternative Fuels
Ports can reduce emissions and increase energy security by utilizing LNG, propane, hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia in both land-side vehicles and marine vessels.
American Energy Exports
Bolster global energy availability through export of, for example, liquified natural gas (LNG), ethanol, biodiesel, and other 'bridge fuels.' Demand for American energy exports is growing because of American innovation, energy’s geostrategic importance, and advances in carbon capture.
Port Electrification
Enhance electric infrastructure at ports, including installation of microgrid technology, local power generation, and electric vehicles. To replace gas-powered vehicles, ports will need infrastructure upgrades and financial incentives. Cleaner air and cleaner communities will follow.
Port Resiliency
In energy-producing regions, ports are on the front lines of extreme weather and cybersecurity impacts to the global supply chain. Heat waves, hurricanes, rising seas, ice storms, and cyber events have impacted port operations in recent years.
Offshore Wind
Projects are already underway off American shores. Ports are the manufacturing and marshalling space for wind turbines and related equipment. Wind energy has the potential to not only power large swaths of our country but also to make power-to-gas fuels for decarbonizing ship transportation.

Our Mission

Steering sustainability investments of tomorrow.
To integrate energy and sustainability programming across AAPA events, preparing the port industry for the next generation of technology, regulation, and environmental challenges.
To advocate for federal funding that would include infrastructure investment that supports alternative-energy-powered oceangoing vessels, and acceleration of the electrification of port operations toward a greener future.
To collaborate with ports across the Western Hemisphere to educate local, regional and national stakeholders on the importance of ports in a sustainable economy and the industry’s commitment to green energy.
To align AAPA workforce development programs for training the next generation of port energy and sustainability professionals.

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